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Jennifer Faye swaps stats for stetsons

In another life, Jennifer Faye had been a statistician. She still has a love for numbers, formulas and spreadsheets, but when she was presented with the opportunity to follow her lifelong passion to spend her days writing and pursuing her … Continue reading

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The Mystery of Names

Dear readers, May has missed out on a post, but I’m getting in early with June!! Musing on the subject for this month I wondered why some of the calendar months are used as girls’ names, whilst others are completely … Continue reading

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Falling into Paradise

A warm welcome to Kamy Chetty,  guest visitor and fellow New Zealand author, who shares with us THE ECSTASY OF WRITING, THE AGONY OF EDITS. Thank you for having me here today Cherie.   As a debut author it’s great to … Continue reading

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A chat about Depression

They say almost everyone knows someone who has either suffered from cancer or has had cancer themselves. I’d say that could equally apply to depression. My friend, Karen, suffers from depression and has kindly agreed to answer my questions with … Continue reading

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Holiday Heaven

I had the most relaxing Christmas week ever, enjoying great food and company at my brother’ s new beach house. It rained the first four days but I went swimming whatever the weather. The golden sand glowed when the sun … Continue reading

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I like Christmas cards

I don’t know about you but the tradition of sending and receiving Christmas cards and letters is one I look forward to every year. It’s a bit of a chore actually getting down to it and writing the letters and … Continue reading

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